Donations Wish List

It's more than a donation. Your loving contributions create smiles and cherished memories! Please contact a member of our Programs and Family Services team to donate at (813)367-5437 ext. 2.

Items On Our Family Wish List

Gift Cards

For gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants and big-box stores like Target and Walmart.


iPads, tablets, laptops, headphones, earbuds and handheld electronic game systems.


To concerts, sporting events, amusement parks (events to create family memories together).

Art Supplies

Canvases, paint (acrylic and tempera), individually wrapped craft kits, individual boxes of colored pencils and crayons.

Car Repair

Gift cards for oil changes or vehicle maintenance.

Sporting Goods

Basketballs, footballs, kickballs, and other equipment for a court or playground.

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How To Contribute

If you would like to donate items off our wish list, please call our Director of Programs and Family Services, Sharin Nelson, at 813-367-5437 ext. 2, or email at

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