Partner of the Month

Our November Partners of the Month for the Children’s Cancer Center is the Dettlaff Family Foundation!

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Year after year, the Dettlaff Family Foundation has moved our mission forward and brought joy to the children and families of the Children’s Cancer Center.  Our annual Halloween Party was decorated with love and presented by the Dettlaff Family Foundation,  a spooktacular night where kids embraced their imagination and showcased their (super)heroism. Music was played, bounce houses were inflated, pumpkins were painted, and even two end-of-treatment bells were rung.  Smiles and laughter filled the room, and we share the same excitement in announcing the Dettlaff Family Foundation as the Children’s Cancer Center’s November Partner of the Month.


The Dettlaff Family Foundation has been a constant in making the Children’s Cancer Center a better place. With the financial support from the Dettlaff Family Foundation, Karla Dettlaff dedicated her time and treasure to design fully funded, complete renovations of our lobby, front staircase, toy closet, and library. Karla and her team worked diligently to create a therapeutic environment that families could look forward to coming to. Their generosity did not stop there, as they provided outdoor furniture so our children and families can find comfort in our backyard family retreat space. The Dettlaff Family understands exactly what the children and their families need to make the Children’s Cancer Center a true oasis, serving as a home away from the hospital for many.


Through the Dettlaff Family Foundation and their family business, Nu Image Medical, the Dettlaffs have gone above and beyond in helping our children and families cope. Whether it’s supporting our holiday parties or championing Wine, Women & Shoes, their influence is spread wide and their impact is immeasurable. Thank you to the Dettlaff Family for all of your care and compassion towards our children and their families.


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