Partner of the Month

Our July Partner of the Month for the Children’s Cancer Center is the Nursey Foundation!

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It is with tremendous gratitude that the Children’s Cancer Center announces the Nursey Foundation as our July Partner of the Month. Since their inception in May of 2022, the Nursey Foundation has delivered on their promise to aid underprivileged and underserved communities. Their four founders, Aaron, Heidi, Roddy & Nandy, are a group of seasoned professionals with diverse backgrounds that span Executive Management, Financial Management, and Healthcare.
The Nursey Foundation has made a number of contributions to the Children’s Cancer Center that have moved our mission forward immensely. Their most recent splash came as they took the plunge and were crowned the Gelatin Plunge Corporate Challenge Champions.
“The Nursey Foundation has a deep concern for the underserved people and strives to partner with other like minded non profits in the Tampa Bay area to assist with Empowering individuals by offering access to resources to live a productive and meaningful life. We knew The Children’s Cancer Center was an organization that we wanted to support as they support many of our causes such as mental health and childhood illness and therefore bringing on the Children’s Cancer Center as a partner and calling them part of our team was an easy choice. Supporting them through our Go Program Partnership allows us to assist with funding their causes either through strategic planning or financially. Causes that align with ours. As our Founder and CEO Heidi Nursey says, “We are not here to reinvent the wheel, we are here to put some air in the tires.” We look forward to continuing a relationship with the Children’s Cancer Center that is meaningful, impactful, fun and compassionate and together we will continue to do our part in changing lives for the better throughout Tampa Bay.” – Nandy Premsukh, co-founder & CFO.
While our partnership is in its early stages, the love, admiration and appreciation we have for the Nursey Foundation transcends any barrier that time can impose. Thank you to Aaron, Heidi, Roddy, Nandy and your amazing team for opening your hearts to the Children’s Cancer Center.

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