Programs For Children Being Treated For Cancer

Our programs & family services are completely free for the children and families we serve. Explore below or call our center at 813-367-5437 for more information.

Art Therapy

Sessions scheduled with an art therapist, using art as a tool for expression and to assist with coping skills. Available for children diagnosed with cancer & chronic blood disorders, siblings, parents and the family as a whole.

Bedtime Tales

A featured reader that is prominent in the community will read a children’s book to our children on select Wednesday evenings virtually via zoom.

Big Buddy

The sibling of a child diagnosed with cancer or a chronic blood disorder is matched one on one in a mentor relationship with a first year medical or health related student at USF or LECOM for a calendar year.


Families can receive individual, marital, child, and family therapy through several area counseling centers in the greater Tampa Bay Area.

Dads’ Appreciation Events

Events that focus on fathers of children diagnosed with cancer. Opportunities for the dads to join together for support and recreation.

Family Fun Events

Gatherings offered to all families cancer, chronic blood disorders, survivors and bereaved for food, games, crafts and special entertainment throughout the year.


(Families Laughing in Groups Hoping Together) An overnight weekend camp bringing families of children diagnosed with cancer together to create memories and new experiences.

Fueling Families Fund

Assists families by providing gas and grocery gift cards to lighten their financial burdens twice during a calendar year.

Golden Apron

Chef Christen Gray facilitates an instructional cooking lesson monthly via zoom for families in Oncology and SOAR groups. Food themes are common along with showing how to cook & enjoy different cultural dishes.  We provide Publix gift cards to each household that RSVPs.

Kite Camp- Week 1

Week long summer day camp filled with field trips, education, & unique opportunities. This camp is for children on active treatment for cancer and their siblings between the ages 5-12 years old.

Love Bundles

Care packages for children who have recently been diagnosed with cancer are delivered to the hospital/clinic. Every bundle is created to each child’s individual interests with toys, comfort items and games. Information on the center is included for the parents.

MOMS Group

(Momcologists Offering Meaningful Support) A time for moms, with a child on active treatment for cancer, to find connection and support with other moms who are experiencing similar circumstances. Groups are generally held monthly in Tampa and Sarasota.

Music Therapy

Sessions scheduled with a certified music therapist, using music as a tool for assisting with expression and coping skills. Available for children diagnosed with cancer & chronic blood disorders, siblings, parents and the family as a whole.

Oncology Family Connection Group

A time for families, with a child on active treatment for cancer, to come together with other families in a safe place, away from the hospital, to eat dinner, receive resources, gather support and enjoy fellowship. Groups are generally held monthly in Tampa and Sarasota.

Parents Day/ Night Out

Providing parents with much needed time for themselves, as they drop off children at the center to enjoy supervised fun and games. Available to families with a child diagnosed with cancer and their sibling under the age of 12.

Pet Therapy

The presence of a therapy dog helps with physical, social, emotional, and cognitive functioning. Children's Cancer Center's therapy dog Cyrus Blue will provide emotional support in one-on-one sessions and will be a staple at all Children's Cancer Center programs.

Restoring Inner Strength & Energy (RISE)

Restoring Inner Strength & Energy (RISE) looks to introduce families to an active lifestyle with attainable nutritional goals.


(Students Achieving through Interactive Learning) an education-based program, held on most Saturdays during the school year at the center, providing homework assistance and facilitated activities focusing on art, music, drama, sports and science. Program open to all children diagnosed with cancer or chronic blood disorders and siblings ages 5 years and up.


Sessions scheduled during our SAIL Program with a certified child life specialist, using games and activities to provide peer support and education. Available to siblings of a child diagnosed with cancer.

Teen Group

Providing teens, diagnosed with cancer or a chronic blood disorder, with monthly recreational opportunities out in the community to promote peer support. Available to teens ages 13-19 years old.

Ticket Bank

Families have the opportunity to attend sporting events, shows, concerts and plays donated by community supporters.

White Hat Fund

Financial assistance is utilized for essential bills such as electric, mortgage, rent, car payments and insurance. Assistance is available for parents who have a child on active treatment for cancer and have a Social Worker’s referral.

“There’s always hope, there’s always joy, there’s always fun to be had, there’s always something to celebrate.”

Sharin NelsonCCC Director of Program and Family Services

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