Featured Partners

May 2017

CycleBar South Tampa: Our Partner for May!

THANK YOU to CycleBar South Tampa!

The Children’s Cancer Center staff kicked off a health and wellness initiative on April 1st with the support of Kelly and her motivating team at CycleBar South Tampa. 

Rock Your Ride™ became a part of our weekly workout routine, sometimes up to 4 times per week, but we thoroughly enjoyed getting together on Team Tuesdays for Elizabeth’s Classic Ride.

Thank you CycleBar South Tampa for supporting our business and helping us pedal our hearts out.


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April 2017

Tijuana Flats: Our Partner for April!

THANK YOU to Tijuana Flats Just in Queso Foundation for your donation!

The Children’s Cancer Center is grateful for Tijuana Flat’s continued support. Their restaurants have been a part of our Holiday Adoption Program, as well as donating lunch for our summer camps, and donating dinner for our Oncology Family, Surviving Oncology and Readjusting (S.O.A.R), and Sickle Cell connection group nights.

Most recently on Friday, March 24th, Tijuana Flats Just in Queso Foundation hosted their 2nd Annual Casino Night event at TPepin’s Hospitality Centre. $10,000 of the proceeds from this event was donated to the CCC and will be allocated toward supporting the 24 different programs offered to children, siblings, and their families for assistance during treatment, suvivorship, and bereavement.


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March 2017

Cale: Our Partner for March!

We’d like to extend an extra-special “THANK YOU” to Cale for supporting our Golf Madness event on March 10th. With your assistance, the CCC raised more than $52,000 for this new fundraising initiative.


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